Parent and Baby Swimming Lessons

We are qualified instructors as well as parents and pride ourselves on our ability not only to deliver structured courses, but to adapt our activities to all participants regardless of their confidence in the water.

We understand that bringing your baby swimming for the first time can be a daunting experience, at Baby Splash, we believe that putting parents at ease is equally as important as introducing babies to the water. We are passionate about what we do and our ethos not only focuses on the babies, but equally on the parents. Baby swimming provides uninterrupted time that will allow you to bond with your baby in this tactile environment.

Our lessons are age and ability specific, enabling parents to participate in classes with other parents and babies at the same stage of learning and development as their own children. We believe that parents being relaxed in the water and not under pressure to achieve is key for their children to relax and therefore become responsive to the activities in Baby Splash.

Both parents and babies will reap social rewards from attending Baby Splash – babies have the opportunity to interact with each other – as do parents!

We run parent and baby swimming lessons from our Splash Central pool in Cardiff 7 days per week - see our timetable for information on class days and times. 

Which class is right for your baby?

Baby Bubbles 1
Baby Bubbles 1 classes offer you the opportunity to introduce your baby to the water. All new families, with babies aged 3-9 months, will start their Baby Splash adventure in Baby Bubbles 1.These classes are centred around building water confidence for both you and your baby. Bond with your baby while learning various holds specifically designed to let you and your baby get the best out of your swimming experience. When you and your baby are ready, you can practice your baby’s first submersions at an age that they are most receptive to underwater swimming. More than anything, these classes are designed to be a fun, intimate half hour where you and your baby can enjoy each others company in the water.

Baby Bubbles 1 is for babies from 3 to 9 months who have not attended previous baby swimming courses.

Baby Bubbles 2
Once your 3-9 month old baby has completed a Baby Bubbles 1 course, and has built some water confidence, they will progress to Baby Bubbles 2. Here, we will progress the basic skills that you have enjoyed in Baby Bubbles 1. Introducing more holds, additional submergences and basic safety skills, your baby will take the next step in their baby swimming adventure.

Baby Bubbles 2 is for babies aged 3-9 months who have completed previous baby swimming courses.

Baby Kicks
Baby Kicks classes are generally for babies over the age of 9 months, however, babies from 7 months can join these classes if they are confident in the water. Baby Kicks classes are centred around teaching your baby their first water safety lessons. In this class babies will continue on their swimming journey, using songs and gameplay to learn various techniques that will keep them safe in the water. As your babies grow, so will their independance in the water, teaching babies that they can have fun in the water but do not need to be in constant contact with their parents. Babies will learn to kick their legs, splash their hands, be happy with water in their face and also how to hold onto the side and climb out of the swimming pool. We use toys to engage with the babies, also allowing them to practice the new skills that they are constantly developing – we love grasping and throwing toys in the water!! Babies soon start mimicking their parents, we take advantage of this and teach them how to hold their breath in the water, allowing them to continue having fun under the water!!

Baby Kicks is for babies from 9 to 18 months.

Baby Splash
They are babies no more – independently minded toddlers! This class is aimed at furthering your child’s independance in the water – preparing them for mainstream swimming lessons. Whether your child has been swimming from the beginning or are taking their first tentative strokes, this class is great fun! We love to play, sing, splash and jump to teach your children without them even knowing it! Even the shyest of toddlers seem to find great fun in splashing the instructors! Teaching alternate arm and leg movemnets and re-affirming the skills already learned like floating on their backs and underwater swimming or teaching them afresh, ensures that this is a lively half hour not to be missed!

Baby splash is for toddlers 18 months – 3 years.